Octopus Fruitbat

We make games - games involving puzzles, instant cameras, sandwiches, or hats, or other things like that.
Which is to say, anything we think will be fun.

But who really are Octopus Fruitbat?

Tim "Octopus" Mannveille
Primary role: Design, Implementation, and Logistics
Unrelated qualification: PhD in quantum computers
Favourite game: Once Upon A Time
Clare "Fruitbat" Huxley
Primary role: Design, Logistics, and Implementation
Unrelated qualification: PhD in psycholinguistics
Favourite game: Critter Crunch

What are you doing in THE FUTURE?
Possibly plotting spy games... stay tuned!

What did you do in THE PAST?
Saturday 28th September 2013: Tested the limits of the paired-challenge photo scavenger hunt
Saturday 6th October 2012: Test run of a new spy game
Friday 14th September 2012: Competitive Sandwich Making at the Hide&Seek Weekender
Friday 3rd August 2012: Puzzles & Polaroids at the British Museum, a corporate event for Stubble & Glasses
Friday 25th May 2012: You're In A Room at the Hide&Seek Sandpit

What sort of things to do you do generally?
Non-linear treasure hunts. Photo scavenger hunts. Games in which 40 people listen to synchronised mp3s and act like spies.
Competitive Sandwich Making. You're In A Room, combining Knightmare, Dungeons & Dragons, and Charades.
Other things which cannot be succinctly described.

How do I contact you?
Email: tim (@) octopusfruitbat.com
Twitter: @octopusfruitbat



Last updated 14th November 2013